For Sale

The club offers these pages for members to advertise surplus photographic or computer equipment for sale to other club members.

The club takes no responsibility for the exchange or condition of the equipment. The club members must make their own arrangements and take their own precautions.

The advertisement will remain until it is requested to be removed or it is apparent it will not sell.
There is no automatic right to advertise.

One image 600 px wide will be permitted with text and offer price. Please email to

Nikon Battery EN-EL3 for sale.


Ann Tomlinson is selling a Nikon Battery and some other items (filter) ...more

Canon 100 to 400 Mark 1 lens


Sue Johnson is selling a Canon lens. ...more

Canon 7D + 100-400L + x2 multiplier


Gerry Howard is selling some Canon equipment ...more

Agfatronic Flashgun 643 CS Dialog


Pat Inskip is selling a Flashgun ...more