Our Programme for 2016-2017
Date Event ___ Speaker/Judge ___ External Venue
September ___ ___
14th Opening Meeting ___ ___
21st Summer Project; Image Preparation ___ ___
28th Talk - Focus on India ___ Louis Rumis EFIAP MPAGB ___
October ___ ___
5th PDI Prep for Comp; Composition/Basic Camera Functions/Workflow ___ ___
12th Open 1b PDIs ___ Robin Dumbreck ___
17th SAPA All v All Print Competition ___ ___ @ Bournemouth Electric CC
19th Gadgets and Gizmos ___ Jeff Morgan ___
26th Open 1b Prints ___ John Tilsley ARPS DPAGB APAGB ___
November ___ ___
2nd Studio lighting ___ ___
2nd SAPA League Competition v Dorset Light PC ___ Brian Tarling ___ @ Dorset Light PC
9th SCPF League Competition - Prints ___ Alan Cooke ___
16th Talk - A Chemical Adventure in High Speed Photography ___ Gary Evans FRAS ASIS FRPS ___
23rd Open 2a PDIs ___ Roy Lambeth DPAGB AFIAP BPE2* ___
30th Photography with a Model ___ ___
December ___ ___
7th Open 2a Prints ___ Janet Haines ARPS ___
14th Review of Modeling and use of Light Souces; Night & HDR Photography ___ ___
21st Bob Taylor Memorial Competition ___ ___
28th No Meeting ___ ___
January ___ ___
11th Review of Night & HDR Images; Colour Management ___ ___
18th SCPF League Competition - PDIs ___ Chris Hutchinson ___
25th SAPA League Competition v Blandford Forum CC ___ Paul Thackeray ___
February ___ ___
1st A Professional Photographer talks about her job ___ Jessica Kelly ___
8th Open 3b Prints ___ Bill Aven LRPS DPAGB APAGB ___
15th Mono with Photoshop and Silver Efx , Mono with Lightroom; Bring your camera and be prepared to natter ___ Rex & Paul Leighton ___
22nd Open 3b PDIs ___ Alan Cooke ___
March ___ ___
1st Review Motion & Focus effects; Glyn, an ex FCC member, has just qualified as a judge. We are his beta site! ___ Glyn Paton ___
8th SAPA All v All PDI Competition ___ Zaid Meherali ___ @ Fordingbridge
15th Review of Mono Images; Talk on night photography ___ David Fletcher ___
22nd Open 4a Prints ___ Andrew Mills MA (Photo), ARPS ___
29th Talk - Travels with a Camera ___ John Larry EFIAP/p ARPS DPAGB BPE4* ___
29th SAPA League Final Competition ___ Chris Neill-Griffin ___ @ Dorset Light CC
April ___ ___
5th Open 4a PDIs ___ Paul Thackeray ___
10th SAPA Best of Year Competition ___ Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB ___ @ Bournemouth Electric Club
12th Fordingbridge Challenge 2017 ___ Louis Rumis EFIAP MPAGB ___
17th ___ ___
19th Talk - The Four Seasons ___ Gordon Small BPE* ___
26th Photoshop Elements ___ Barry Senior ___
May ___ ___
3rd Print Walk General & Advanced ___ ___
10th Best of Year Competition - Projected Images ___ Paul Keene FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/d1 MPAGB ___
17th An opportunity for members to get comments on their work from an artist and art historian ___ Dr Jack Wotherspoon ___
24th How Many Pixels Do You Really Need? &  How Many are You Really Getting? ___ Dr Tony Kaye ASIS FRPS ___
31st Best of Year Competition - Prints ___ Walter Benzie ARPS ___
June ___ ___
7th Susie will talk about her photography and John will talk about the inspiration for his award winning creative work; Summer Project ___ Susie Scott-Wakelin & John Larry ___
14th Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation ___ ___
___ ___
These are Creative Meetings (Bring your cameras!) ___ ___

Two entries are acceptable at each competition from each class. If too many entries are received then the Internal Competition Secretary will make the choice as to how to limit the entries.
In order to maximise the number of entries accepted during the year from Advanced and General classes the competition secretary will decide on the number of entries from each class.
This may not follow the normal Advanced then General routine. It avoids the situation where a few entries are obtained from the class that was due to have 2 images each shown and the other class only enters 1 image each therefore the total number of entries is small and insufficient for an evening’s competition.

The competition secretary will therefore adjust the entries to ensure at least 6 PDIs and 6 Prints are shown through the year for each fully participating member.


Dorset Light Photo Club
Bournemouth Electric CC
Petersfield PS
Hayling Island CC
Bracknell CC
Shaftesbury CC
Parkstone CC
Ringwood CC
Alton CC
Viewfinders of Romsey CC
Newbury CC
Poole CC
Salisbury Library
Poole Dolphin Centre