Competition Notes


The competition software (DiCentra) used by the Club looks for a VERY STRICT FORMAT to import your entries correctly.

The filename needs to be in THREE parts and no more. Each part should be separated by an UNDERSCORE _ (Shift +Hyphen on your computer keyboard)

Part one is a NUMERIC field and should be 01 (ZERO ONE) or 02 (ZERO TWO). In the current competition format you can only enter a maximum of two images.

Part two is the TITLEof your image – this should be written in the normal way with normal spaces between words. Do not use hyphens, underscores, commas or other punctuation characters in this field. Do not join words with hyphens of underscores etc.

Part three is YOUR NAME – Please put your full name, not an abbreviation or initials.

IMPORTANT – For members with photographic awards - If you wish your name and any awards to appear correctly on the website galleries then the award needs to be included in this part of the filename. The club Webmaster uses an automated process to feed images into the galleries and so correcting titles names and awards is not possible.

As Internal Competition Secretary I fully understand that modesty may prevent authors including their awards. In such cases where an image goes forward to be added to the website galleries I will amend the filename to include that person’s award and will do my best to be up to date but I cannot accept responsibility if it is not correct.

When your files have been named in this way they should be as a jpg file and should look like this.

01_TITLE_YOUR NAME and Awards.jpg

Using the name of one of our members with a photographic award as an example
(Ann Cole has kindly allowed me to use her name) her filenames would look as follows: -

01_Three Little Mice_Ann Cole LRPS.jpg

02_Two Big Frogs_Ann Cole LRPS.jpg

Her email booking entries into a Club Competition would appear as below.


FOR PDI Competitions

The images sent to the Internal Competition Secretary should be

• 1920 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.

• Images cannot be 1920 pixels high

• The profile of the image should be sRGB

If help is needed with the preparation of images to this format the Club has a list of mentors who are very willing to help you by phone or with a visit. The mentors list is available from the Club Secretary.
The current Internal Competition Secretary is also very willing to help you on this or any other aspect of image and print preparation (see contact details at the end of this leaflet.

For PRINT Competitions

Your booking of entries should be done in the same format as for PDI competitions and we ask you to attach a jpg image of your print to the email so that it can be archived for viewing by the Selection Committee, which chooses PDI images, and Prints to be entered in external competitions.


Correct format for email with image titles matching email body text


Incorrect format for email with image titles not matching email body text

No image, or near duplicate thereof, can be entered more than twice in the competitions or in more than one class on a given evening. The final decision will be at the discretion of the Internal Competition Secretary.

For further information or assistance please contact:-
Terry Turner, Internal Competition Secretary.
Email: terry.turner@we2u.co.uk Mobile: 07595 047916