Why Adobe RGB should not be used for web posts

For those that would really like to get stuck into this they can read HERE.
However I have created a quick demo, not as good as the ones on the linked site, which shows what happens with an image in Adobe RGB which is then viewed in a colourblind browser or on an iPad/tablet. There are still quite a large number of colourblind browsers in use and the iPad/tablet is not normally colour managed.
So the attached image shows a matrix view of the colorchecker when colour managed and when not colour managed. The saturated colours are where the Adobe RGB embedded profile has been correctly read by the Software/Browser/Operating System and the de-saturated colours are where the embedded profile has been ignored as it would be by colour blind software/Browser/OS. The web is almost exclusively sRGB and therefore posting with any other embedded profile sRGB means that some viewers will not see the colours intended. Discussing colours then becomes a bit fruitless! :-)